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Video | How to Prep your Skin Before Applying Makeup

Brian HaugenComment

This is the first of many new makeup how-to videos. Learn about skin prep. foundation matching, hooded eyes, and many other eye challenges plus choosing a lipstick, blush and focus on your brows. I hope you enjoy what's to come! I've enjoyed doing the videos and look forward to doing much more!

I always prep the skin before applying makeup. This may involve a mask, peel or as you'll during this video I suggest extra moisturizer plus lip and eye treatment before a primer. Tinted Primer is used both by Susan and Sandy. 

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The Beauty Box Below shows all of the cosmetics for prepping your skin from the video. I've created an in-depth Step-by-Step video for you follow and refer back to while doing your makeup. This more in-depth video is offered with the Beauty Box below. 

Hope you enjoy the video!

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