Makeover Workshop

Smooth Face, Clear Skin, Clear Eyes

Brian Haugen
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At breakfast recently all my friends we’re amazed at how clean, clear and smooth my skin is. 

Let me share the steps I do with my body daily to achieve smooth, glowing and clear skin and eyes plus a full head of healthy hair. 

•I drink my weight in ounces of WATER daily. I weigh 225...that’s 1.75 gallons of water daily. I want to say this isn’t easy and I put my best self forward daily to achieve this cleansing and purifying step. 

REST 8 to 8.5 hours daily. This is the step that makes a huge difference. Our bodies needs the rest to recover and rejuvenate. Sleep is when the most repair happens. We live in a sleep deprived world. My skin, my eyes and my hair looks and feels healthier and clear when I sleep more. Plus, my emotions are in balance and I am less irritable. I notice a huge difference in my moody and life outlook with more rest. 

•I EAT regularly throughout the day. I always eat breakfast. Currently I wake up and have a protein shake along with a stock of celery and a whole large carrot. I eat 3-4 meals a day Nd currently I have a protein share on between each meal. I am currently working out hard and adding muscle. To add muscle with the intensity of my workouts I need high balanced calorie intake. This keeps my body digesting and can generate weight loss so I must eat more. That is currently though. This is not the case at all times. I’ll share more about what I eat my daily diet. 

In addition to my self-care body routine I also follow a daily skincare routine. 

Currently, I am cleansing and applying two favorite #brianmw #brian+mw skincare favorite Super Radiance Skin Treatment over Re-Creation Skin Firming Serum. These clarify, brighten and firm my skin. These are favorites from @makeoverworkshop soon available under the new branding of Brian+MW. I’ll share more about the cleansers, masks and eye and lip treatments that are amazing for Men and Women of all ages looking for Effective by Nature Powered by Science  Pro Youth Skincare. 😘