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Eyeliner Technique Revealed

Brian HaugenComment
Brian demos Eyeliner Technique, plus more!

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Before & After Eyeliner Technique Look, Learn & Apply


Always remember your eyes. Do you have teenage daughters that used to (or do now), heavily line black eyeliner all around their eyes? Well, they’re onto something, maybe a little too much of something, but the lining is key to framing, highlighting and bringing focused attention to the eyes. Our eyes are one of the first things others notice about us, whether in a personal or business setting. So here we go!
Before & After Eyeliner Technique Look, Learn & Apply


I teach this technique at every Makeover Workshop and at each time the response is always the same from all of the participants, who are always amazed by this technique. Everyone LOVES this technique demonstration. It’s call tight lining by some, I call it “lining without anyone knowing you’ve lined” It’s the BEST! Just for you, I’m giving away one my secret techniques from my Workshops.
Before & After Eyeliner Technique Look, Learn & Apply


Line under your upper lashes using black pencil eyeliner. Use your free hand to gently pull up and out on the outer portion of your eye, gently exposing the skin below the lashes. This helps to see and get under the lashes. Start lining from the outside of the eye and work to the inside. Line heavier on the outside and lighter as you work in. You know you’re doing this right if your lashes are moving back and forth while you line. Now, go back to the outer portion of the eye and above the lashes. Subtly add liner above the lashes to the middle of the eye or peak of the mountain of you lash line. Soften the liner with a smudger to give the liner a diffused look. Add mascara and you're done. If you want liner on the bottom try using the smudger brush you just used and add a little liner into the lower lashes just under the lashes, this will be very subtle. I use an eye liner from my cosmetic line Makeover Workshop; what I love about the liner is that is has a built-in smudger on the opposite end of the pencil to soften your eyeliner. I choose black because I can always soften to a grey or add more to achieve more intensity. Now you have eyes that are framed, highlighted and ready for focused attention!