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It's mid October 2013. I've been traveling all summer enjoying the outdoors of Yosemite and Mount Whitney in Sierras along with travels to Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia. All these locations inspire me visually. I've created names and colors for eye shadows, blushes and other cosmetics from what I've seen during my travels. In the High Sierras of California I was inspired to name Desert Sky, Molten Cinnamon & Penny Royale all Makeover Workshop eye shadows.
Mt Whitney | Desert Skies

Additionally, two new colors, Aqualove and Dreamy, came from inspiration on a trip to Thailand last fall.

So, this is the Makeover Workshop blog but I'd like to keep all of you up to date with where I've been, and what I'm up to in addition to Makeover Workshop such as my travels, other work and what currently is inspiring me spiritually, creatively & physically!! Late this summer I was in the studio shooting how-to video footage for up-and-coming how-to videos for online, YouTube  the Makeover Workshop How-to Video Makeup Series. Jessica Sirls was my fantastic model for the day. She is my dear friend who gently encouraged me to shoot the footage. She is an amazing aspiring actress full of life and talent you can see what she is up to here
Editing is in process...whew this is a lot of work. Stay tune!!!

Also, I've updated the schedule for the Fall/Winter Workshop Schedule find it here

Stay tune for online Makeover Workshops! Also, the much anticipated, and I know I'm very patiently waiting, new online Store where you can purchase all of your makeup goodies.