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Smooth Face, Clear Skin, Clear Eyes

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At breakfast recently all my friends we’re amazed at how clean, clear and smooth my skin is. 

Let me share the steps I do with my body daily to achieve smooth, glowing and clear skin and eyes plus a full head of healthy hair. 

•I drink my weight in ounces of WATER daily. I weigh 225...that’s 1.75 gallons of water daily. I want to say this isn’t easy and I put my best self forward daily to achieve this cleansing and purifying step. 

REST 8 to 8.5 hours daily. This is the step that makes a huge difference. Our bodies needs the rest to recover and rejuvenate. Sleep is when the most repair happens. We live in a sleep deprived world. My skin, my eyes and my hair looks and feels healthier and clear when I sleep more. Plus, my emotions are in balance and I am less irritable. I notice a huge difference in my moody and life outlook with more rest. 

•I EAT regularly throughout the day. I always eat breakfast. Currently I wake up and have a protein shake along with a stock of celery and a whole large carrot. I eat 3-4 meals a day Nd currently I have a protein share on between each meal. I am currently working out hard and adding muscle. To add muscle with the intensity of my workouts I need high balanced calorie intake. This keeps my body digesting and can generate weight loss so I must eat more. That is currently though. This is not the case at all times. I’ll share more about what I eat my daily diet. 

In addition to my self-care body routine I also follow a daily skincare routine. 

Currently, I am cleansing and applying two favorite #brianmw #brian+mw skincare favorite Super Radiance Skin Treatment over Re-Creation Skin Firming Serum. These clarify, brighten and firm my skin. These are favorites from @makeoverworkshop soon available under the new branding of Brian+MW. I’ll share more about the cleansers, masks and eye and lip treatments that are amazing for Men and Women of all ages looking for Effective by Nature Powered by Science  Pro Youth Skincare. 😘

Video: Eye | Frame, Lift & Focus

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Here are 4 simple steps to draw just the right amount of attention to your eyes. The video focus' on Brow Pencil, Eye Liner, Lash Curling and Mascara.

This is a quick approach to doing your eyes either when you have little time. Plus, these are the same steps I use each time I do a complete and fully made up eye.

Please give the video a thumbs up on Youtube and provide comments below.

Happy Makeup!


Video | How to Prep your Skin Before Applying Makeup

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This is the first of many new makeup how-to videos. Learn about skin prep. foundation matching, hooded eyes, and many other eye challenges plus choosing a lipstick, blush and focus on your brows. I hope you enjoy what's to come! I've enjoyed doing the videos and look forward to doing much more!

I always prep the skin before applying makeup. This may involve a mask, peel or as you'll during this video I suggest extra moisturizer plus lip and eye treatment before a primer. Tinted Primer is used both by Susan and Sandy. 

I hope you enjoy the how-to video and share it with your friends. Subscribe to Makeover Workshop's Youtube channel to get the latest how-to makeup updates.

The Beauty Box Below shows all of the cosmetics for prepping your skin from the video. I've created an in-depth Step-by-Step video for you follow and refer back to while doing your makeup. This more in-depth video is offered with the Beauty Box below. 

Hope you enjoy the video!

Please Comment below. Tell me what you liked and what you want to learn.

Bronzey Eyes and Skin How-to Video featuring Makeover Workshop

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I'm excited to collaborate with YouTube Vlogger Sayeh Sharelo in a how-to video for bronze eyes and skin. She beautifully incorporates my favorites Moisture Glow, Skin Stick Foundation and South Coast Mineral Baked Bronzer to highlight, contour and bronze the skin. 

She demonstrates this soft pink lip using Naked LongWear Gel Lip Liner and Pretty Belle Lipstick, two gorgeous favorites of mine. 

Watch how she incorporates makeup from the Eyes, Lips & Face Makeup Kit plus Eye Shadow favorites New Romance, Coffee and Glorious.

Contouring and bronzing with Skin Stick Foundation

Brow Shape: Trimming Brows

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Over this past weekend I was creating new how-to videos. Now begins the tedious process of editing and creating the videos.. The process of creating a how-to makeup video is very tedious and requires great team of people. I'm extremely grateful for the outstanding and talented individuals operating the camera, sound and dialing in the lighting. The women who participated as models for the videos were amazing, without out each of them I would not have any videos

So...stay tuned for new videos soon. Plus watch the short video below on trimming brows.

What makeup tips & trick do you want to learn more about? Leave comments below. I hope to hear from you.


Brows Shaping Introduction

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Brows frame the eyes and face. I often say, "A face without brows is the Mona Lisa without a frame."

Brows are one of the most important features to your face. I have encountered many shapes, sizes and blunders when it comes to brows.

I like brows that have a nice arch, are trimmed, tweezed and filled in. This is the first video of a series of three to highlight my technique when doing brows. I hope this helps you. If you'd me to shape and teach you one-on-one brows shaping and maintenance please contact me below.

HOODED EYES | How-to open, lift and brighten hooded or droopy eyes.

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I was recently asked by a good friend and client Susan who writes the blog une femme d'un certain age to provide makeup tips & tricks to open a hooded eye. The steps follow. To clarify a hooded eye is an eye where the skin of the crease and brow bone area folds over the eyelid giving a heaviness to the eye particularly the outer portion of the eye. Here are the steps to help the eye appear more open and beautiful.




Using the Face & Eye Conceal brush and Eye Shadow Blend brush apply a light veil of Eye Shadow Magnet 02 | Natural for most skin types, 01 | Light for very fair skin.  Start by circling in the inner corner of the eye and then sweep across the lid and up to the brow bone.  Use gentle sweeping and circular motions back and forth over the entire eyelid from inner lash line to outer lash line, from lid, through the crease to the brows.  This product is a cream that evens the color and gives shape to the eye, lifting any droop.







Using the Eye Shadow Apply brush, apply an eyeshadow to highlight the inner eye corner of the eye and under the eyebrow arch.  A favorite eyeshadow to use,  and the one used here is Naked Glow (satin texture) alternate satin or metallic eyeshadows will be Crystal, Flirt or Meringue. Matte  textured shadows good for this will be Naked or Lace. For medium to darker skin tone Glorious, Gold Dust or Broadway will work great as highlighters.  Apply using the tip of the brush with a circular motion into the inner corner of the eye, then brush lightly across the eyelid. Finish highlighting on the brow bone directly under the eyebrow arch.  Highlighting draws attention away from the hooded crease.

tip & trick Use matte eye shadows for highlighting on textured skin. Satin and Metallic shadows will draw unwanted attention to mature possibly textured skin.





Sweep back and forth into the crease using the Eye Crease Blend brush with a medium toned matte eye shadow. Eye shadow used here is New Romance. Other medium tone shadows which can be used are, Jasmine, Earthen, Stone, Sahara and Coffee. Concentrate above the crease but don't go all the way to the brow. The skin that is above the crease is what is causing the hooded effect, so by using a medium shade of shadow you are camouflaging the hood effect.  

 tip & trick  Blend eye shadow in layers. While looking in your mirror, add a small amount of eye shadow, layering more eye shadow creating more depth which will contour away the hood. 





Apply eyeliner into the upper lash line. In other words, approach your eye with the eyeliner pencil upward towards the sky, working the eyeliner in-between the upper lashes start from the outer corner of the eye working towards the inner corner of the eye, if you add eyeliner all the way into the inner corner of the eye you will have a more dramatic effect. The eyeliner will frame the eye and draw  attention away from the hooded eye.  A new favorite eyeliner Pitch Black LongWear Indelible Eyeliner was used in this demonstration.

Finish the look with a workshop favorite lash curler and Brian's favorite goto mascara Max-defining Lash Mascara.





On her skin Moisture Glow daily moisturizer, Tinted Primer in Medium, Skin Stick 40 and Skin Stick 55, and Mineral Baked Blush in Golden Eve.

Eyeliner Technique Revealed

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Brian demos Eyeliner Technique, plus more!

Tips for Women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond...
Before & After Eyeliner Technique Look, Learn & Apply


Always remember your eyes. Do you have teenage daughters that used to (or do now), heavily line black eyeliner all around their eyes? Well, they’re onto something, maybe a little too much of something, but the lining is key to framing, highlighting and bringing focused attention to the eyes. Our eyes are one of the first things others notice about us, whether in a personal or business setting. So here we go!
Before & After Eyeliner Technique Look, Learn & Apply


I teach this technique at every Makeover Workshop and at each time the response is always the same from all of the participants, who are always amazed by this technique. Everyone LOVES this technique demonstration. It’s call tight lining by some, I call it “lining without anyone knowing you’ve lined” It’s the BEST! Just for you, I’m giving away one my secret techniques from my Workshops.
Before & After Eyeliner Technique Look, Learn & Apply


Line under your upper lashes using black pencil eyeliner. Use your free hand to gently pull up and out on the outer portion of your eye, gently exposing the skin below the lashes. This helps to see and get under the lashes. Start lining from the outside of the eye and work to the inside. Line heavier on the outside and lighter as you work in. You know you’re doing this right if your lashes are moving back and forth while you line. Now, go back to the outer portion of the eye and above the lashes. Subtly add liner above the lashes to the middle of the eye or peak of the mountain of you lash line. Soften the liner with a smudger to give the liner a diffused look. Add mascara and you're done. If you want liner on the bottom try using the smudger brush you just used and add a little liner into the lower lashes just under the lashes, this will be very subtle. I use an eye liner from my cosmetic line Makeover Workshop; what I love about the liner is that is has a built-in smudger on the opposite end of the pencil to soften your eyeliner. I choose black because I can always soften to a grey or add more to achieve more intensity. Now you have eyes that are framed, highlighted and ready for focused attention!


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It's mid October 2013. I've been traveling all summer enjoying the outdoors of Yosemite and Mount Whitney in Sierras along with travels to Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia. All these locations inspire me visually. I've created names and colors for eye shadows, blushes and other cosmetics from what I've seen during my travels. In the High Sierras of California I was inspired to name Desert Sky, Molten Cinnamon & Penny Royale all Makeover Workshop eye shadows.
Mt Whitney | Desert Skies

Additionally, two new colors, Aqualove and Dreamy, came from inspiration on a trip to Thailand last fall.

So, this is the Makeover Workshop blog but I'd like to keep all of you up to date with where I've been, and what I'm up to in addition to Makeover Workshop such as my travels, other work and what currently is inspiring me spiritually, creatively & physically!! Late this summer I was in the studio shooting how-to video footage for up-and-coming how-to videos for online, YouTube  the Makeover Workshop How-to Video Makeup Series. Jessica Sirls was my fantastic model for the day. She is my dear friend who gently encouraged me to shoot the footage. She is an amazing aspiring actress full of life and talent you can see what she is up to here
Editing is in process...whew this is a lot of work. Stay tune!!!

Also, I've updated the schedule for the Fall/Winter Workshop Schedule find it here

Stay tune for online Makeover Workshops! Also, the much anticipated, and I know I'm very patiently waiting, new online Store where you can purchase all of your makeup goodies.

Sunscreen Favorite

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this is one of my favorite combinations of Sunscreen and Foundation. Solar Defender not only preps the skin for sun exposure but also primes the skin for makeup application. The silicone based formula of sunscreen adheres to the skin not only protecting form sun but also protecting the lipid barrier holding in needed moisture. The added Vit. A and C fight the free-radicals that can breakdown the skin which leads to premature aging. Couple this sunscreen with you favorite Tinted Moisturizing Foundation such as this one!

Catching up

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I journeyed on the road this past December and January to No. Minnesota and Fargo North Dakota. Roseau a little but active town in No. MN was the location of my first Workshop outside of the Los Angeles area. I was welcome warmly, not the weather however, both weekends were sub zero. I held 3 workshops in both locations. In Roseau Dec 9 & 10 at Sublime Women's fitness center I entertained nearly 20 women showing them how to do eyeliner, lip liner and eye brows. This being a snap shot of what they learned. All were super excited and actively involved. My Blondi eyebrow pencil seems to be the best seller up to this point. Who would have known...well I had a pretty good idea. I can't seem to keep the pencil in stock!

Fargo was Jan 21-23 with a record of nearly 30 women. I had a great assistant that weekend--Denise Ostby joined me and together we beautified more women. Once again blondi eye pencil, mineral powder foundation were huge hits. I have been discovering what women want to learn at the workshops. One thing is an easy daytime makeup look which can be easily altered for evening.

The workshops are a major hit. Some pictures follow.

starting up

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The begining of the writing and documenting of Makeover Workshop. Yay! Finally, stay tune for images, video, tips and tricks from work work out in the commercial and star-studded world of makeup a7 hair, too.